About Us

CryptoCashNation (CCN) is the first of its kind in that we are an Educational Cooperative where all Members, including the Administrators, have exactly the same benefits. A cooperative distinguishes itself by being Member owned, benefiting the Members, and using a control model which puts power in the hands of the Members rather than a single owner or small group of partners. The following Administrators shown below are all Members of our CoOp and oversee our operations. They do not receive a salary like in company owned businesses. They receive earnings based on their effort building their individual organization.


Robin Costelloe

Robin Costelloe

Director of Field Force Development

Robin brings over 30 years of experience of developing, training and supporting 30,000 plus person organizations in the home based business market.

Since 2000 Robin has his own successful boutique Forex educational and trading company. Once Japan deemed BTC legal tender in April of 2017 Robin switched his focus from Forex to Crypto with brilliant results.

The co operative is fortunate to have a professional such as Robin, a 7 digit income earner, team builder, who brings a sense of English humour, financial enlightenment and logic for our member trainings.

Zoltan (Crypto Z) Vass

Zoltan (Crypto Z) Vass

Crypto Currency Director

Education: – BA, diplomat,
Moscow Institute (University) of International Relationship (1984) – faculty of international relations (diplomacy)

  • Immigrated to Canada in 1996 and since then has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Zoltan was appointed as an Honorary consul of Hungary in British Columbia in 2005 and worked as such until 2014.

Co-founded highly successful 20M USD turnover forex educational trading companies (Fx Trainer and Trading Post Inc.) 2003-2010 in Canada, taught thousands of students fundamental and technical analysis throughout in North America.

Since 2016 Zoltan has been profitably trading, investing in various blockchain assets, bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Participating in different digital trading and educational online forums, member of numerous blockchain groups.

His successful business acumen and vast forex trading experience have provided a solid basis for the new crypto currency trading challenges. His main digital currency managing style is focused, besides holding positons long run in major cryptos, on researching and finding new, quality ICOs and investing in them from the ground in the hope with the highest possible rate of return for mid to long run.

Conducts a rigorous ICO (Initial Coin Offering) test criteria-set based on a number of factors. In his portfolio allocation, not only financial aspects play a role but also a very diverse specific space/field/utility/privacy aspect so that it could result in the best possible results for everybody concerned.

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser

Co-op Administrator VP of Social Media Relations

Thomas is a seasoned and proven professional in the marketing and business development space. From the boardroom to the trenches, he exemplifies a well-rounded executive who has helped small startups to large companies successfully bridge the gap of sales transformation.

He possess a well balanced approach to the tactical execution of an organization’s strategic plan, while maintaining true to his roots as a dynamic innovator and big picture thinker. As a marketing and business development professional, Thomas has successfully lead both small and large as well as centralized and geographically dispersed high impact sales teams, while accelerating the growth of companies through sustainable, long-term business development and healthy organic growth.

Thomas is passionate around helping everyone win, therefore his mantra of teaching people how to fish coincides directly with his enthusiasm around CryptoCashNations crypto educational system.

Russ Field

Russ Field

Co-op Administrator

Over 20 years as a professional networker and consultant in the home based business industry has enabled Russ to become a true ‘dadpreneur’. Blessed with incredible mentors Russ has leveraged his in the trenches education, to create multiple communities into the $20M to $50M USD range.

Having consulted and built at the C – Level for so long, Russ brings a special mix of executive leadership to get tasks done effectively and under budget. More importantly his future forward thinking and vision will help carry the co operative well into the future.

“CryptoCashNation is a disruptive business in both the educational, as well as, home business area due to its strategic formation as a co-op, our instant pay and studio quality university style education. From day one our goal is global compliance to allow us to grow as the burgeoning crypto currency market grows” .